Smedvig Asset Management AS provides monthly/ quarterly reports. The reports are distributed at the end of the subsequent month/ quarter. In some months/ quarters, the reports may be delayed due to pricing delays for the underlying investments.

As a customer of Smedvig Asset Allocation AS, you will at every reporting point be able to evaluate the results of the company’s management activities in comparison to management objectives/ benchmarks. Management objectives/ benchmarks are agreed with each individual customer. A specification of the management objective/ benchmark to which the portfolio should be compared is found either in the customer’s investment strategy or in the active management agreement.

The customer’s investment strategy or management mandate in the active management agreement will further specify the financial instrument that may form part of the customer’s portfolio, and which transactions may be implemented with such instruments, including any investment restrictions. Investment objectives, risk levels and any specific limitations applying to the discretionary management are also part of the investment strategy or the management mandate. These are agreed with each individual customer, and may vary from customer to customer.