A new era.
A new era for real estate

Our approach to sustainability

To identify and enhance the best properties and areas, we must consider development from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. We have established our philosophy and sustainability principles in our Smedvig Eiendom sustainability model.


Circular Future

We are not only concerned with preserving and limiting; we aim to regenerate and evolve. We will always explore opportunities for renovation instead of demolition.


Vibrant Areas, Strong Communities

We think holistically and develop vibrant areas and buildings that provide value for us, tenants, and the society. We are committed to enhancing the local environment with a focus on community development and engagement.


Human's Drive

We believe in people's drive and their ability to solve issues for the environment together. We collaborate locally whenever possible and contribute to the development of local expertise while promoting the sharing of knowledge and resources.


The power of Technology

We are open to try new things. We recognize that to create change, we must work smarter and more efficiently. We will collaborate with forward-thinking companies and research and educational institutions to advance knowledge about sustainable solutions.


Long-term Focus

We are building for the future but doing it today. We will develop the company and our employees while simultaneously contribute to the development of the society. We aim to influence others so they also can embark on shaping the future.

Our journey towards


Storebrand Eiendoms Sustainability award for Innoasis


Real Estate Company of The Year

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Byggeskikkprisen 2018 for Holmegenes

Some of our initiatives
within sustainability


The building underwent total rehabilitation and was completed in the fall of 2022. It is certified as BREEAM-NOR Very Good. The facade panels were reused from the original building. We have reused office furniture from the tenants, and bought from Finn.no. The desks are made from recycled wool.


A new building to be completed in the winter of 2024. The building covers 10,000 square meters over 5 floors. It aims for certifications in BREEAM-NOR Excellent and WELL Gold. Energy supply includes solar panels, heat pumps, and electricity. The building is designed to be a smart predictive building.

Løkkeveien 103

This classic office building from 1986 underwent significant renovation in 2022. It is certified as WELL Platinum, the first building in Norway to achieve this.


Spinn is a rehabilitation project following FutureBuilt's criteria for building rehabilitation. The facade will be from recycled panels, and the building incorporates a staircase made from wood panels with cutouts for doors and windows. Solar panels will also be installed.

Arkivenes Hus

A new building completed in the summer of 2017. The building covers 15,000 square meters, with almost half of it being underground archives. It is certified as BREEAM-NOR Excellent and was realized as a pilot project for the VDC execution model.


Energihuset aims to become Norway's most innovative office building. It is designed to meet the highest international environmental standards and aims for certifications in BREEAM-NOR Outstanding and WELL Platinum. The building is designed to produce energy and have a positive environmental impact while ensuring workplace comfort.


A flexible and contemporary new building of approximately 10,000 square meters. The building will be certified to BREEAM-NOR Excellent and Energy Class A. A new park and pedestrian connection will be developed to link Lagårdsveien and Vålandsplatået.