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Your privacy is important to Smedvig Investment Management and we are committed to protecting the integrity, availability and confidentiality of personal information.  We process information that we hold about you in a lawful and transparent manner, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Each company within the group is responsible for the handling of its own data, with oversight from the company’s Chief Executive.  This Privacy Statement provides additional information about how and why we collect and process personal information.  You will also find information about your rights as an individual registered with us

Contact Information

Smedvig Investment Management AS

Contact Address: Løkkeveien 103, Stavanger
Post Address: Postboks 900, 4004 Stavanger
Phone: +47 51 50 96 00

Organisation number: 988 318 574

For any questions or objections that you may have regarding the processing of your personal information, please send an email to the privacy coordinator:

Our processing of personal data

Smedvig Investment Management collects and processes personal information for the following purposes:

Identification and money laundering control

In order to be able to provide management services, we are required to carry out money laundering reviews in line with current anti money laundering regulations.  In connection with this, it is necessary for us to collect, register and process personal information related to all investors.  The personal information that is processed includes name, contact information, social security number, copies of ID documents and copies of other documentation as required by current anti money laundering regulations.

Investment business

In connection with the management of invested capital, it is necessary for us to register and process personal information about contact persons with product suppliers and service providers.  The personal information processed is name and contact information.


We use cookies on our websites.  Cookies are small files, which with your permission, are stored on your computer.  These cookies analyse web traffic. It will record and remember your online activity, your likes and preferences.

We use cookies that register data traffic to see which pages on our websites have been visited.  This helps us to analyse and understand online activity so that we can develop and improve our websites according to the needs of our users.  We only use information for statistical analysis after which point, the data is deleted from our systems.

You can choose not to accept the use of cookies.  However, several web browsers automatically accept cookies.  It is usually possible to switch off these settings on your own web browser.

We mainly collect personal information from you directly.  For example, via enquiries from you, your activity on our website etc, or where we have received your information via your employer because you are designated as a contact person for one of our partners.  However, in some cases, Smedvig also obtains information from third parties.  These can be sources from publicly available registers or from the authorities.  We will try to notify you of such a collection as soon as we can, unless the collection of the information is required by law, notification is impossible or very difficult, or it is obvious that we have collected such information about you.

Test environment

We aim to offer secure, stable and user-friendly IT systems that contain correct data.  We test and develop our IT solutions in a separate test environment.  We strive for anonymisation or pseudonymisation, but in some cases it may be necessary for us to use real personal information for testing purposes.  We ensure satisfactory information security and real personal information is deleted or anonymised after testing.

How long do we store your personal information?

Personal data is stored for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose of its collection or statutory processing requirements.  Personal information is stored in connection with identification checks and money laundering checks, both of which are stored for a period of 5 years after the customer relationship has ended (in line with current money laundering regulations).  Personal information stored in connection with product and service providers is stored as long as the person is affiliated with the product or service provider.

We will delete your personal information if you request it, unless we have a legal or statutory obligation to store / process your personal information.

Do others have access to your personal information?

Personal information may be made available to those third parties who assist us with the operation of our IT systems.  When we give third parties access to personal data in this way, we make use of data processor agreements, to ensure that the third parties company with our requirements for the processing of personal data in line with the relevant laws. 

Furthermore, we share your personal information with public authorities as necessary to fulfil our legal obligations. 

In addition, we do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent.

Information Security

We take information security seriously and have put in place appropriate measures to protect the integrity and availability of your personal information.  Access to your personal information is limited to employees who have a service need for such access.  We provide training to employees and third parties where relevant to ensure awareness of Smedvig’s privacy regulations.

Use of subcontractors

We use subcontractors to perform services on our behalf.  Examples of situations where we would use subcontractors include:

  • The operation of IT systems
  • Personalisation and optimisation of services
  • Processing of payments
  • Analysis of data and web traffic patterns

We enter into a data processor agreement with all third parties acting in such capacity, who process personal data on our behalf.  The data processor may not process your personal data in any way other than that which is agreed in the data processor agreement.

Where is your personal information stored?

Personal information processed by us is stored on servers located in Norway and Europe.  We do not store personal information outside of the EU / EEA area.

Your rights

As a registered individual, you have rights related to the processing of your personal data.  You have the right to access, correct or delete personal information that applies to you.  You have the right to limit the processing or to deny the processing that applies to yourself, as well as the right to data portability.  You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.

You have the right not to be the subject of a decision that is based solely on automated processing, where it may have a legal impact, or to a significant degree, affects you.

If you wish to exercise your rights as registered with us, questions / requests can be directed to the privacy coordinator of Smedvig AS.  If you believe that our processing of personal data is in violation of the law, you can register a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).  Complaints are submitted via the Data Authority’s website.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

We may make changes to this privacy statement as required.  An updated privacy statement will be published on our website.  An overview of previous versions of the privacy statement can be found here:

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