in the community

We aim to encourage and empower
young people to reach their full potential.

North Star

North Star was established in 2019 by the 4th generation of the Smedvig Family, Anna Margaret Smedvig and Julia Smedvig Hagland. North Star is nonprofit organization aiming to support organizations and...

The Peder Smedvig Scholarship

The Peder Smedvig Scholarship Fund has granted over one hundred scholarships to Norwegian students enrolled in higher education abroad. The purpose of the Fund is to inspire students to take on studies...

The Nora Smedvig Foundation

The Nora Smedvig Foundation was established in 2000 by Nora Smedvig Sr. in memory of her daughter Nora Smedvig. The purpose of the foundation is to motivate health professionals and help increase their...

Ydalir Hotel

Ydalir hotel was a gift to the University of Stavanger from the Smedvig family to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2015. For more information or to book a room, please visit their website here.

For many years Smedvig has supported sport and culture in the Stavanger community

Our story

Each generation has contributed to the success of Smedvig. The solid foundations that Peder Smedvig built in the early years continue to define us. Entrepreneurial spirit, patience and modest determination have continually shaped our business philosophy for over a century.


Our people

We discover opportunities and develop potential by working with the right people. We look for people who share our values and our investment philosophy.