Our story

Our story began with shipping and canning. We backed the oil business by investing in tankships and oil rigs. We have backed the steel industry, the equities market and property.

During recent years Smedvig has continued to adapt. Today we still invest in disruptive and innovative businesses in addition to real estate, private equity and investment funds. Through four generations our legacy has been characterised by change and renewal. This is how we continue to shape our future.


Peder Smedvig establishes his first shipping company.


Peder Smedvig becomes majority owner of the Central Canning company.


Smedvig Tankships is established.


Torolf Smedvig takes over as majority owner. The canning business is taken over by another branch of the family.


Smedvig expands into petroleum exploration and production and invests in drilling rigs.


Peter T. Smedvig takes over as majority owner.


Smedvig establishes the head office at Løkkeveien 103 in Stavanger.


Smedvig ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Peder Smedvig Scholarship is established to mark the company’s 75th anniversary.


Smedvig exits the shipping business and establishes Smedvig Capital Ltd in London to invest in Private Equity.


Smedvig exits offshore drilling operations and establishes Smedvig Family Office.


Smedvig Investment Management received its authorization to conduct discretionary asset management services and to provide investment advice.


Smedvig celebrates its 100 year anniversary. Smedvig donates Ydalir, Norway’s first campus hotel, to the city of Stavanger.


Anna Margaret Smedvig takes over as majority owner.

Smedvig in the Community

We aim to encourage and empower young people to reach their full potential through scholarships and funding.


Our people

We look for people who share our values and our investment philosophy. People who can help us discover new opportunities and develop potential to deliver results and ultimately generate value for future generations.