Fabrikken: shared kitchen facilities

Fabrikken: work stations

Fabrikken: work stations

Fabrikken: social areas

Fabrikken: work stations

Site 4016: Fabrikken

Fabrikken is an important part of the Site 4016 development. In Fabrikken you will meet different people from multiple industries. This is the beginning of “the heart” that we are building in our newest building at Site 4016.

The community will serve as an exhibition. If you want to showcase your products, this is the place to be. Our goal is that by being at Site 4016, our members will become even better and sell even more.

Read more about Fabrikken here (in norwegian only).

Location and facilities

Fabrikken is located centrally in the middle of the Stavanger region. With the highway nearby it is easy to get to Stavanger, Sandnes, Forus, Stavanger Airport etc.

Facilities: a modern, furnished workspace in a shared office environment, wireless Internet connection, coffee and fruit, meeting rooms, networking events, cleaning service and electricity.

The building




Co-working space, exhibition


Site 4016, Haugåsstubben 10, Stavanger


Outdoor, ample


Geir Østerhus
Site Manager