Innovation Park Stavanger

Innovation Park Stavanger

Innovation Park Stavanger

Innovation Park Stavanger

The Innovation Park Stavanger is an international centre for innovation, research and business development, housing over 150 companies and around 900 employees in nine different buildings. Working alongside other organisations offers many benefits for you and your company. It will bring opportunities in terms of networking, access to different disciplines and value-add activities.

Location and facilities

Location: Conveniently situated at Ullandhaug – close to the city centre, recreational areas, industrial areas and the University of Stavanger – the Innovation Park’s location is ideal. Here, you can secure your company’s place in a knowledge-intensive and exciting environment. The area is easily accessible by both car and public transport and ample parking is available.

Facilities: The innovation park focuses on offering an infrastructure and comprehensive range of services that bring significant benefits to your organisation. Meeting rooms, reception, discount agreements, networking events, fitness room and changing rooms, cafeteria, parking and city bikes right outside.


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Commercial and co-working


Professor Olav Hanssensvei 7A, 4021 Stavanger


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Elin Engelsvoll
Market Coordinator